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Overtone and Throat Singing

Gisbert_Schürig Gisbert_Schürig

with Gisbert Schürig

Overtone and throat singing are fascinating vocal techniques, which offer a wealth of exciting discoveries. The ability to isolate overtones using the voice offers an opportunity to refine and enrich your hearing, almost a microscopic view into the inner world of a sound. These insights are helpful for singers, instrumentalists and composers of every style.

In addition to the traditional Asian throat singing and the meditative or experimental styles of European overtone singers you will discover a fascinating variety of new musical opportunities.

Getting started is surprisingly easy and requires no special requirements.

The focus in the beginning is developing your awareness with regard to hearing after which we will learn to control the overtones accurately step by step leading finally to develop the ability to sing overtone melodies.



Course Sizes: 2 - 3 or individual lessons

Big group: min. 4 persons: Monday 19h-21:30h



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