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Making music is a very social process. The best way to learn an instrument is to play it together with others. The teaching in the Global Music School takes place in groups from two to ten students.


In instrumental teaching the big advantage of small groups (2-3 students) lies in peer teaching. In addition to the teacher you are able to learn from and with each other in ways which are mutually beneficial, sharing knowledge, ideas and experience. The emphasis is on the learning process, including the emotional support that learners offer each other, as much as the learning itself.


Apart from small groups and ensembles (4-6 students) the Global Music School also offers larger groups and ensembles (from 6 students upwards). The ensembles and larger groups are taught by two teachers.


If you or any of your friends have a band and would like to learn a new style or fine tune your act you can bring your whole band to the Global Music School. Whether its Afro Cuban, Flamenco or Indian we will create a great learning environment with teachers who are all experienced performers themselves.